Project Create

Project Create has been a part of Chabot since 2016. Once called Maker Space, the exhibit has recently undergone an impressive makeover, multiplying the number of activities offered. After four months of remodeling the area to better suit the new exhibit, Project Create now offers a wide variety of innovative and interactive stations for visitors to test their creativity while developing their scientific minds.


Along with the resident stations of Stop Motion Creations, Marble Machine, Kapla Blocks, and many others, the Workshop offers a unique project every few months. From building an LED Lego city to creating a pegboard pinball machine, kids experience various engineering challenges at this station.




“Pegboard pinball is very open to all the kids and all the guests in how they want to build their pinball machine. A lot of them try to get the balls to the bottom in certain places or they just stick a bunch of blocks on and just start launching those things. A lot of the guests can end up spending a lot of time there, so they get really invested in their projects.”
— Allie Chen, Project Create Facilitator


“For marble machines, the reason it is here as more of a permanent station is because you can go a lot of different ways with it; every guest makes something completely different. It is very collaborate in the sense that when some leave and new guests come, they can start building off of what is already on the walls. This space gets everyone to work together.”  — Allie Chen, Project Create Facilitator

“I liked the marbles because it was encouraging my son to try something, see how it worked, and then make adjustments.” — Stephanie, Chabot visitor


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