Winter Science Kit Tutorials

Watch Galaxy Explorers explain the science behind your kit activities! Check out the links below each video for the worksheet and more information. For the worksheet and more information about the above activity, click here. For the worksheet and more information about the above activity, click here. For the worksheet and more... Continue Reading →

Environmental Justice (and Some Economics) in Light of COVID-19

It’s no secret that policymakers discriminate against disadvantaged communities. In 1982, North Carolina needed a location for toxic waste-in particular, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)-contaminated soil from highways. As a result, legislators settled on dumping the soil in a landfill right in the vicinity of a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Warren County. Following this, protests sprung up.... Continue Reading →

“Uninhabitable Earth” spurs us to action by showing the alternative

For each problem, Wallace-Wells provides statistics from the past, present, and future, detailing the catastrophic collapse that could occur if climate change were allowed to run unchecked. In each chapter, Wallace-Wells constantly references the cost, both in dollars and human lives, of each issue alone. California readers may find the chapter on wildfires particularly interesting—California’s wildfires occupy a special focus in this chapter.

The Great Derangement: Applying a Humanities Lens to COVID-19

Amitav Ghosh’s short non-fiction work, The Great Derangement, addresses the systems in place which propagate the perceived separation between humanity and nature by examining a different environmental issue: climate change, specifically the rise of sudden, deadly natural disasters due to the increasing global temperature.

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