The Overnight is a special event that invites boy scouts and girl scouts from around the state to earn their astronomy badge. Throughout the night, they participate in various fun activities such as making dry ice comets, doing a scavenger hunt, and watching planetarium shows.   Pictures and Written by Helena L.

Project Create

Project Create has been a part of Chabot since 2016. Once called Maker Space, the exhibit has recently undergone an impressive makeover, multiplying the number of activities offered. After four months of remodeling the area to better suit the new exhibit, Project Create now offers a wide variety of innovative and interactive stations for visitors... Continue Reading →

GE Floor Activities

"I have always been interested in space and astrophysics, especially. I have also been involved in tutoring at my school, so the combination of teaching and learning science is really appealing." --Hanako  

New Year’s Eve Balloon Drop

On New Year's Eve, hundreds of kids and their parents gathered at Chabot to experience the annual Balloon Drop celebration. Kids counted down to the moment they would be surrounded by hundreds of balloons dropped from the ceiling. Families celebrated the New Year at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m. as the clock struck... Continue Reading →

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