Environmental Justice (and Some Economics) in Light of COVID-19

It’s no secret that policymakers discriminate against disadvantaged communities. In 1982, North Carolina needed a location for toxic waste-in particular, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)-contaminated soil from highways. As a result, legislators settled on dumping the soil in a landfill right in the vicinity of a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Warren County. Following this, protests sprung up.... Continue Reading →

Is media ruining science?

Alerts flood your home screen when you wake up in the morning. A text from a friend, a linkedin notification, a calendar reminder for an important meeting, and a news alert reading “Bacon, Ham, Sausage as Dangerous as Smoking: Report.” With the escalation of constant access to media and the media’s desire to capture their... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Beneficial or Dangerous?

You may be wondering: What exactly is artificial intelligence? Well, it is when machines, like robots or intelligent personal assistants, do things that are commonly known to require human intelligence to do. For example, recognizing faces in photos, understanding languages, and song recommendations are all everyday instances where AI is being used. In other words,... Continue Reading →

Should we genetically modify our food?

Corn. Milk. Zucchini. Potatoes. Rice. Whenever you eat these foods, you are not eating them in their natural form as these are some of the most often genetically modified foods. In fact, chances are, most of the food you ate today was genetically modified. GMOs can help crops grow and also boost a consumer’s health,... Continue Reading →

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