Why we’re called Sally Ride Club

“Do you weep when things go wrong on the job?” asked an interviewer before her first space flight, “Will the flight affect your reproductive organs?” No one asked those questions of male astronauts, but Dr. Sally Ride was different. She was the first American woman in space and to this day, the youngest American to... Continue Reading →

A conversation with neuroscientist Krisha Aghi

Ms. Krisha Aghi is a queer South Asian neuroscientist. She is currently a graduate student at the Berkeley Isacoff Lab studying neuromuscular junctions through fruit flies. Aghi says that her field has a long way to go in terms of inclusivity, but she wants students to know that reaching out to professors and graduate students is always a good way to get information and support.

A conversation with food scientist Dr. John Frelka

Dr. John Frelka is a gay food scientist working at Prime Roots, a Bay Area- based meat alternatives startup. He came out as a graduate student and believes that everyone has their own coming-out journey. Frelka advocates for visibility in STEM and the importance of role models.

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